Finding Violet Park is a short novel about a teenage boy with a missing father who finds the ashes of an old woman (Violet Park) and strives to uncover all he can about her life and times, only to find out more about his father at the same time.

The story itself is told from the perspective of sixteen year old, Lucas Swain. The mystery surrounding Violet and his father is interesting, and I wanted to know what happened,  but the book wasn’t overly grasping. It was quite clear that it wasn’t actually written by a teenage boy and at times it felt like Valentine was trying a little too hard.

Usually I quite like a ‘quirky’ main character, but here it seems overdone and I think Lucas’ portrayal went way past relatable and into somewhat unbelievable, he seemed too weird. I ended up finding his quirkiness more annoying than anything else.

I’m giving Finding Violet Park 2 stars because I didn’t enjoy reading it all that much, and reading to the end felt more like a chore than a pleasure. The ending wasn’t as good as I had hoped either.

However, it may just be that FVP is directed at a younger readership, so take that into account before completely dismissing it.