We had a talk at college the other week called ‘Ace Your Exams’ a very energetic and enthusiastic young man bounced around the stage telling us what to do to do well in exams, and listing the things not to do.

It was good, he was funny and he kept me interested, but to be honest he didn’t tell me anything I didn’t know before, it was all about making a plan and actually revising and doing practice tests. Everybody knows how to do these things, and that they should be doing them.

At the end he asked if we had any questions, and I said ‘It’s all very well telling us what to do, but how do I get motivated?’ In my head I was thinking I mean I know all this but how do I get off Netflix and start making notes from Mary Reid?

His answer was to set a goal, and always have that goal in mind. My goal is to get into Oxford, and I know that I have to get straight As to get in, in my AS and A2s, so why, then, am I writing a blog post, and watching my brother play Dungeon Defenders instead of revising The Executive. I find it so hard to get motivated.

I have little bursts of motivation where in one day I tidy my room and write four blog posts and do all my homework and read five books and clean the house and do my washing. But then I’ll have three weeks where I will write one half-assed essay and groan my way through all my lectures. Even though I know that I have to do well. 

I just don’t have the urgency that I need, and that is totally annoying, because until I can kick myself into gear, I’m not going to excel like I should do. But I just can’t get myself to do it somehow.

I found this excellent post which I would highly recommend you reading if you suffer the same way I do (mostly from pure idleness.) I’m not going to say that reading one post on the internet has changed my life, because that’s a. ridiculous and b. would I be here if it had? but it makes an excellent point, and makes you feel motivated, even if it’s just at the time you’re reading it.

Got any tips for me? ‘Cause I sure as hell need them.