At the beginning of June I had all my hair cut off, and now, at the end of July I am full of regret. Even though at the time I weighed up the pros and cons (pros: easy to look after, cooler, easier/cheaper to dye, cons: won’t be able to plait, love having long hair) and I decided that it was time, I was bored and I wanted short hair.

And I do love it, a lot. It’s pretty great really, and I’ve bleached it too so it’s a blank canvas for colour, so I should be pleased. But I’m totally not. It’s boring and you can’t do anything with it and it sticks up and to be honest with you I just miss having long hair.

My problem now is that in order to have long hair I will have to grow it, which will take time and also mean I have to go through the awkward stage where it’s a stupid length that I hate, and I can do nothing with it. So I suppose I’m keeping it short for a bit longer.