So I never really thought I was one of those girls who knows what her wedding is going to be like from the moment she escapes the womb and to be honest with you, it never really interested me. I had never put that much thought into it really and when I saw other people with binders full of dresses and flowers and cuttings from bridal magazines I thought it was ridiculous. It often surprises me even in films when the girls are day dreaming about their wedding and their ideal man.

However recently I’ve actually been thinking a lot about it (which is completely preposterous considering I’m only seventeen). I found my dream wedding dress, and I found the ring that I’d want. It all started when I was watching Don’t Tell The Bride and be it hormones or being in my longest ever relationship but I suddenly was desperate to go wedding dress shopping, and when they’re walking down the aisle or cutting the cake I imagine what my wedding might be like.

What makes this even more bizarre is that I don’t even want to get married! Watching the experience of my parents and family members, and by all accounts my own opinion of marriage, I genuinely don’t even think I want to go through with it. What is it but an outdated social construct, that in this widely secular society has become somewhat obsolete. If I love someone I should think that they know I’m going to be sticking around without getting the law involved, and if for some reason it doesn’t work out, think how much easier it is to split up.

I know that’s quite a cynical view of marriage, but in all relationships either you stay together forever or you break up, it’s always going to be a fifty fifty chance. I’m sure when I’m older and I’m wanting to settle down with someone I will inevitably eat my words and have my ‘dream’ wedding, but right now that seems a really long way off.