You know when you’re out in a public place and you take a photo and there’s someone in the background who you don’t know. At the time it never occurs to you and the subject of the photo is what or who you were originally photographing.

I think about this a lot, because think about all of the photos that random people appear in of yours, and then imagine how many people have photos of you, just the top of your head at a gig, maybe in the far distance or behind some friends in a group selfie.

It’s easy to dismiss these people in the back of our photos, we don’t know them and they mean nothing toย you but it always makes me think because they’re real people. They’ve got whole lives and they go home and they talk to their partner and they eat their dinner. Maybe somewhere a teenager is showing their grandparents their holiday pictures and you’re in the background.

It feels strange to think that people that you see in the street, hurrying toward the supermarket or strolling along the street with their dog also have a large and complex life. I don’t know if it’s just me, but I am clearly so self absorbed that I forget or don’t consider that the people other than those in my family or friends, actually do live on when I’m not there.

It’s a crazy thought to me that there are 7billion other people ย on the planet and they’re all getting on with their lives, whilst I sit here and blog.