The Little Stranger is set in an old country house owned by a rich family who are struggling with money and to keep the house from falling down. Narrated by the family physician, Dr. Faraday, it follows the decline of the family and the sinister downfall of the house, Hundreds Hall.

I liked this book very much, yet again Sarah Waters is amazing. The plot builds gradually which maintains the feeling of suspense throughout the book. I was captured by the characters and similarly to Dr Faraday I fell in love with Hundreds Hall. Again Waters writes of melancholy events, but her style and your investment in the characters leads you to love it regardless of the pain.

I didn’t like Dr. Faraday’s character an awful lot but that didn’t especially damage my enjoyment of the story. Unfortunately I found him dismissive and oppressive and I felt for Caroline when he was forcing her actions.

I give this book four stars, it’s beautifully written with a creepy charm and I love particularly its descriptions of the countryside and truly immersive depiction of the period. I would definitely recommend this book, and any other novel by Sarah Waters. Wonderful.