This is a slightly eerie book from the perspective of a little girl who loves sharks, set on a family trip to Australia in the format of a graphic novel.

I felt that the book was misrepresented somewhat in the blurb. I am a girl who loves sharks and that’s actually why my mum bought me this book. The little girl and protagonist has a morbid fascination with shark attacks but her love of sharks, at least initially, doesn’t extend to trusting the water and I felt like she feared them rather than loved them. Although now I write about it this fear may be construed as a quiet respect for their power and beauty. I loved the layout and graphic design of the book, where it’s all black and white drawings except for the sharks and the red of the blood.

It’s a thoughtful little story of really nothing, but an interesting and thought provoking look at the way in which a little girl appreciates these magnificent creatures and how her obsession with them consumes all aspects of her life.

I would give it 3 and a half stars, I did enjoy it and I love sharks but I found it a little unsettling in its own quiet way. I would still definitely recommend reading it, although I’m unsure of its suitable age group. Similarly to Varjak Paw I enjoyed it in its creepy way.