I have struggled a lot with anxiety and I hadn’t got a bus on my own until I had to for work last year, I still don’t like eating at places I’ve never been before, and moving out to University was one of the scariest things I’ve ever done, but here are some things I have done and I have every right to be proud about:

  1. Got a bus on my own, in a city I don’t know
  2. Had a full-time job with other adults in an office
  3. Done a train journey with a change
  4. Come to terms with/enjoyed spending time alone
  5. Been in a healthy relationship that ended and healthily dealt with it
  6. Discussed my worries with my boyfriend (who was understanding and helped resolved them)
  7. Paid rent
  8. Made my own meals
  9. Gone to the doctor on my own
  10. Ordered food/coffee with only minor palpitations
  11. Moved out and only cried a little bit
  12. Started budget and meal planning
  13. Got a train on my own to London, a place which I hate and had dinner there somewhere I’ve never been before
  14. Had the confidence to love myself
  15. Had the confidence to love someone else

Good Luck conquering your fears this year! Happy 2017!