Ecotricity is the world’s first green energy company and Britain’s greenest energy company (confirmed by the ASA in 2016 after accusations from Tesla). Ecotricity was Founded in 1995 in my hometown of Stroud by Dale Vince and one year later they built their first wind turbine. Stating on their website ‘We do all this in pursuit of our vision for a Green Britain – a place in which we all live more sustainable lives and where ethical business is the norm, pursuing outcomes other than profit. And we do it all with the support of our customers.’

They have more recently branched into work in three different areas: energy, transport and food. Obviously energy is about turbines, solar panels and research and development in hydro power and green gas as an alternative to fracking. They launched The Electric Highway in 2011, with just one electric charging station. There are now 300 charging points across Britain and it costs just Β£6 for a 30 minute fast charge. Eco also have the best customer service in the biz!

What has this got to do with me? I hear you ask. Well as I mentioned Stroud is my hometown, but it’s more than that, not only is the first Eco wind turbine visible from my house, I have grown up admiring it. Last year I got a job working at Ecotricity in their PAYG Billing dept. now that doesn’t sound that exciting but it was a pleasure to work with such lovely people, build my skills, and so gratifying to know I was working somewhere with not only the same ethos as me -but a company that is actively making a difference. In December 2015, just before I started working there, Ecotricity bussed a group of us to London to take part in the Climate March which you can read about here and hereΒ .

Now never in my life did I think I would say I worked for an energy company but if I was going to work for any, it was this one. I know this sounds like a sales pitch (it is a little bit – switch to Eco here) but the reason I have to talk about Ecotricity is because I truly honestly love it.

I was devastated to leave my job there when I moved to Bath and to university, I had the best first time office experience there. The confidence in myself and also in my abilities just blossomed. It is exciting to work somewhere where you feel like you are doing something you believe in, and Eco truly considers each of its employees as part of a big Eco family. (Not to mention the amazing staff parties, easter eggs, vegan food).

My Aunty had already been working there for several years so I knew about Eco and their practices through her, but from my own experience I can’t wait to have the opportunity to go back and hopefully work there again. The things that Eco is doing in terms of Green Gas at the moment are so exciting for the industry and the progress over the last 20 years is amazing.

I am so proud of everything they have achieved, since building that first wind turbine they now have 72 and you can watch their energy production in real time here!

I think I’ve gushed enough, but honestly if it’s in your power, switch to Ecotricity and do your part for the environment, before it’s too late.