Now known as Tap Tap Fish: Abyssrium, this game is a lovely tap tap game where you grow and curate a deep sea aquarium.

my current abyssrium

I love this game, it has been one of the games I have played both obsessively and now and again.

My initial aim was just to get the sharks, as they are my favourite animal, but I was quickly hooked. The easy collection of ‘vitality’ which is the currency in the game makes it a quick game to level up and makes for instant gratification.

I really enjoy the way that if you really focus on it for a day or so you can make real progress, or you can leave it running in the background racking up points and levels without you. This particularly feeds how up and down my addiction is.

At first I was completely addicted but my one complaint is that after about level 1500 the vitality production really slowed down and I got bored of not generating enough to level up as quickly as would satisfy my craving. Fortunately after a brief break I got right back into it and I’m back to generating a lot more vitality.

Other pluses include the optional ads, you don’t have to watch them but you can do for extra bonuses, and the easy to complete quests that earn you gems – no need for in app purchases at all even though they do exist.

The animations are lovely and the music and sound effects are perfect for a soothing aquarium experience.

Abyssrium gets 5 stars from me.

Download it for free here:Β