So, In January this year I started Slimming World. I don’t actually pay for the service I just follow the plan in my own time, as my mum started it last year and she got real results. So far I’ve had the same thing, and I think that Slimming World is effective, and once you hit a rhythm surprisingly easy to follow.

Between the 9th of January and the 10th of April I lost 2 stone! Unfortunately I took a little break and put on a little bit. But I’m back on it now and I’ll get back down and further.

I’m hoping to lose 3 and a half stone total, the upper limit of my healthy weight is 13st 3lbs, so that was my initial goal but I’d like to get slimmer. I weigh weekly on a Monday, this weighing schedule is key – weighing too often is so disheartening as your weight fluctuates.

At uni I found that I got into a good routine as I did my own shopping and all my own cooking, which I had a lot of time for. Coming back home has proved a little more difficult as my boyfriend is a terrible influence and at home I don’t do the shopping and I have my brother’s snacking habits to contend with.

The part I’ve found hardest is just that, when I can’t be completely in control I go off the rails very easily. I suppose that just shows that my willpower isn’t as strong as it could be. I need to crack down in the next few months, especially now I’ve started working full time again. Offices are a wealth of cakes and treats.

My plan blog wise is to keep you updated on recipes I try, trick and tips I have, and photos of food I might make. As well as updates on my progress! (if nothing else this might shame me into making proper effort, wouldn’t want to put on in front of you lot)