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I got DeviantART!

Uh huh, I finally got DeviantART! I'm Peacock-Knees Although I obviously post a lot of the work that I do on here, I think that it's nice to have a place that is entirely devoted to my work, I don't... Continue Reading →

Commissioned by my best friend (Vicki - hence the dedication) What do you think? - I'm never drawing anything knitted ever again! 

I coloured him in :3 You like? 

Frank Iero, of My Chemical Romance. Enjoy! (Yes, I know, bad quality scanning and his head is a funny shape - constructive criticism welcome!) 

A drawing I did for my friends birthday of singer Marilyn Manson, quality isn't too good because of the way it was scanned. 

Drawing #17 – Charlie McDonnell

Charlieissocoollike here! His Music, personality and looks are perfect. Just thought you needed to know that!

Drawing #16 – Matt Smith/The Eleventh Doctor

Sorry about the quality, I scanned it into my computer, but it doesn't really pick up pencil lines :/ 


I do so love my Art. It was my first definite choice for my GCSE's and I love it. I love it love it love it.  For my first project (A mind - map about myself) (It's not as boring... Continue Reading →

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