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Doctor Who

Bad Wolf Bay, or Southern Down - if you live in the real world.


Eating Fish Fingers and Custard with my best friends, it's a whovian thing, and surprisingly rather delicious!  

OMiGee! This looks Amazing!

-Fangirl Scream!-  The Whovian Killjoy has spoken!

Doctor Who Series 6 Part 2 – Mind Blown.

And - Look at this - Blogtor Who Wow, Amazing! Cannot wait! Also - good on Rory for punching Hitler! 😀  Yay! Mind BLOWN. So excited now! I am quite warming to Matt Smith now 🙂 Cool 🙂 

Chameleon Circuit

As you may know, I love Doctor Who and I have discovered this amazing Music called Trock! What's Trock? I hear you ask.. Well - Timelord Rock! It's AWESOME - music all about Doctor Who! The band that makes this... Continue Reading →

Doctor Who!

Hello readers, You may or may not know that I love Doctor Who, I do not mention it in this blog (for some unknown reason) but seeing as the new series is just beginning I think I shall! I have... Continue Reading →

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