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FILM REVIEW: Ready Player One (2018)

This review contains spoilers. Read my review of the book (from 5 years ago) here. You can also read my slightly updated review here. First of all, just some general observations. I went to see Ready Player One on opening night... Continue Reading →


Emotional Juxtaposition

Today I found myself crying, on a bus I had never ridden before. Now, I'm sure that doesn't seem that unusual, especially if you know me. I cry at a lot of things, up to and including riding buses. The... Continue Reading →

Everyone Else

You know when you're out in a public place and you take a photo and there's someone in the background who you don't know. At the time it never occurs to you and the subject of the photo is what... Continue Reading →

Planning My Wedding

So I never really thought I was one of those girls who knows what her wedding is going to be like from the moment she escapes the womb and to be honest with you, it never really interested me. I... Continue Reading →

Down With Gender-Stereotyping

Gender stereotypes are just ridiculously annoying. I think that marketing things at different genders by making them pink or blue is stupid and supporting gender stereotypes when raising your children is not the way to go! I don't even know... Continue Reading →

Things I don’t Understand #1

(This is number one because I am definitely going to be writing about other things in the near distant future) Follow for a Follow. I'm not an idiot, I understand the premise, but I think that it's a stupid idea. I... Continue Reading →

School Uniform

Now, I'm not saying that I think school uniform should be scrapped, because I understand why we're supposed to wear it. But I would like to raise two problems that I see with my school's uniform rules currently. (This may... Continue Reading →

Listening to Britney Spears

I am pretty sure I've posted before about how much music means to me, but now I'm posting about something else.  I find it extremely aggravating that people can't just except that different people have different music tastes. What I... Continue Reading →

I had to post this. I had to.

      These kittens had just been sedated at the vets. I was crying with laughter for about  5 minutes.   What are legs?! How do they work?

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