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365 Photos


  We wallpapered the kitchen! 

  This is my darling cat Fergal (He's actually modelling for me!) 

my absolutely lush Gameboy Colour that my mother got me when I was down (I think)  I've wanted one for ages to replace my old one, and this one's purple! 

365 Photos

I sneakily switched all the 'One Photo A Day Posts' to my '365 Photos' Category,  I know, I'm a bad person, in other news, 365 photos! AAnnnnddd, more posts yay!

Bad Wolf Bay, or Southern Down - if you live in the real world.

One of the pictures I've taken of Money for my Art project. 

Sneakily playing Solitaire in my French Lessons!

Eating Fish Fingers and Custard with my best friends, it's a whovian thing, and surprisingly rather delicious!  

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