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We had a talk at college the other week called 'Ace Your Exams' a very energetic and enthusiastic young man bounced around the stage telling us what to do to do well in exams, and listing the things not to... Continue Reading →


BOOK REVIEW: Atonement by Ian McEwan

Atonement is a novel, split into two parts, telling the story of thirteen year old Briony Tallis, a budding writer with (I think) an inflated sense of her own importance. She misconstrues a scene between her sister (Cecilia) and their... Continue Reading →

Explanation Post!

So, I'm approaching my GCSEs and it's less than a month until I break up for study leave, and as I do more revision I do less posting (if that's possible) but I've set myself a challenge/goal to post SOMETHING/ANYTHING... Continue Reading →

School Uniform

Now, I'm not saying that I think school uniform should be scrapped, because I understand why we're supposed to wear it. But I would like to raise two problems that I see with my school's uniform rules currently. (This may... Continue Reading →


I do so love my Art. It was my first definite choice for my GCSE's and I love it. I love it love it love it.  For my first project (A mind - map about myself) (It's not as boring... Continue Reading →

Summer Music.

I have made a 'Summer' playlist on my spotify, but It's not out with the old! I now have summery, light, happy songs playing although - you cannot beat some MCR or Greenday! I always have some music on weather... Continue Reading →

Enterprise Day

Firstly, sorry - my blog sucks.  Right, on to the topic, I am glad I got that off my chest.  Today at school we had 'Enterprise Day' we had it last year too. It was no better then. But I... Continue Reading →


Why are P.E. teachers so intent on making us run. I am dying and it was only 800 meters. Bleah.

Oh Dear.

Oh Dear, Oh Dear. I have not blogged for. AGES. I am afraid. I have so few views anyway that it makes no difference, but, you know, I am very low on topics and time. So much revision at the... Continue Reading →

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