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Everyone Else

You know when you're out in a public place and you take a photo and there's someone in the background who you don't know. At the time it never occurs to you and the subject of the photo is what... Continue Reading →


Just got this stack of books from my mum, because if there's one thing I need in life, it's more books.

Planning My Wedding

So I never really thought I was one of those girls who knows what her wedding is going to be like from the moment she escapes the womb and to be honest with you, it never really interested me. I... Continue Reading →

Re-Introduction to Blogging

I'm not sure there's anyone who actually avidly follows this blog, so you who's reading this probably has no idea what the heck I'm talking about, but here goes anyway. You may have noticed I've been posting over-time in the... Continue Reading →

VOLUNTEERING: Summer Reading Challenge

Just before the holidays started I was looking for a job, or something to do in the time I have off and my Mother emailed me a link to a SNJ¬†article, asking for volunteers to join the Library. The Summer... Continue Reading →

Haircuts and Complaining

At the beginning of June I had all my hair cut off, and now, at the end of July I am full of regret. Even though at the time I weighed up the pros and cons (pros: easy to look... Continue Reading →

Sunday Baking

Today was weird with sun and then hail and rain and so I listened to some music and did some baking. To make twelve cupcakes (although tbh who only wants twelve really, double that stuff up man): 3 and a... Continue Reading →


We had a talk at college the other week called 'Ace Your Exams' a very energetic and enthusiastic young man bounced around the stage telling us what to do to do well in exams, and listing the things not to... Continue Reading →

That One Time I Accidentally Fell In Love With Disney

(If you haven't watched Frozen yet ((you should)) but also there may be minor spoilers in this post, this is a PSA) I never really watched a lot of Disney films when I was little, I was never the sort... Continue Reading →

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